Thursday, November 21, 2013

Teaching Heat Energy

Wednesday is our science day.  We go to our local park with four other families. We have a total of ten kids. Sometimes we have more because we have visitors, and sometimes less because things come up, people get sick, or the weather doesn't cooperate.  Yesterday was a very rainy day. So we stayed home.  But we still had fun with some science projects.  It's easy to do science projects and experiments without being prepared when we have an online program.  Our topic yesterday was heat energy.  The lesson included video clips of heat transfer by conduction and radiation, followed by application questions.  We also saw examples of ways people can generate heat energy.  In addition, we talked about ways that heat energy can move from one place to another.  When we place a pot on the stove, heat moves from the hot burner to the cooler pot.
I created a list using the vocabulary that we covered in the science lesson: heat energy, conduction, conductor, contact, degree, insulator, radiate, radiation, temperature, thermometer, transfer, wave.  My daughter really enjoyed the vocabulary matching game.  She gets excited when she gets them right. She also likes to draw, so she drew a picture of mom cooking at the stove, showing the pot on the hot burner.  And then she wrote a short paragraph under the picture.  These are the types of things I like to include in her homeschool portfolio, her pictures and stories.  Every once in a while I like to take them out and look through them, watch the progress from year to year. My oldest is graduating this year and I'll be creating a scrapbook of all her school years. Her journals, essays, drawings and pictures will be the best part.

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