Saturday, November 30, 2013


I haven't used a formal spelling curriculum with my two older kids because they're good spellers. I don't know if it's because they read a lot of books or spelling well comes natural to them. Our homeschool support group has Spelling Bees every year.  They can't participate in them anymore because they're high school now and too old for it, but they always enjoyed the Spelling Bees because they did well. Now with our youngest, we do practice spelling and do her spelling test online weekly.  Her spelling is also pretty good, but we use this spelling curriculum for comprehension also. Some of the games that she plays are matching definitions and sentence matching. These games help her with her reading comprehension. The handwriting worksheets help her to practice her handwriting while also practicing her spelling and vocabulary knowledge.
Our son has a tutor to help with his homeschool math.  Part of his math curriculum includes math vocabulary, which the tutor tests him on weekly. It's easy for him to focus on doing his math problems and yet forget to study his math vocabulary.  So we've been using SpellingCity to create our own math vocabulary list, which my son uses to practice before his math vocabulary test.  Once I've created the list, he uses it several times a week. Rather than studying the words on a piece of paper and just reading through it and testing himself, he plays math vocabulary games online. It's less monotonous and more fun.  
We like SpellingCity because they have a variety of games, they're fun and the webiste is very easy to navigate. While you can use the site for free, you can also purchase a premium membership for a very nominal fee and use it for up to five students.  My kids really do well with programs online.  What about your kids?  What works for your family? I'd love to hear your input. 


Kat said...

My boys aren't bad spellers necessarily, but they both are definitely phonetic spellers. I don't think we have ever had a day go by where they don't ask WHY a word is spelled the way it is, and not the way it sounds, lol.

We don't use a formal curriculum either. At least not yet. Spelling City has worked great for us. I rarely plug in my own lists, because there are so many already shared by other members. :)


Joy C said...

We've never used a formal curriculum for spelling either. My daughter reads constantly and it seems to come easy for her, with my son using spellingcity has really helped.