Friday, November 15, 2013

Homeschool Help

I enjoy visiting social web sites on the internet and looking for fun crafts or projects to do with my daughter.  Pinterest is one of my favorite sites for ideas for homeschooling. Actually, I like looking through it for all kinds of things. It's like creating my own magazines on different topics as I look at different magazines. I've found some great ideas for lapbooking.  We use lapbooks for every subject. Because my daughter has learning disabilities, creating lapbooks is additional practice for vocabulary words or math concepts.  Her homeschool curriculum is excellent at explaining the concepts. When she doesn't understand a concept and she answers incorrectly, the program explains it in a different way until she is able to understand it and answer correctly. The lapbooks or hands-on manipulatives that we use are just extra practice, which help to make the concepts or vocabulary words more concrete.

In addition to Pinterest, I like to visit blogs and social web sites, like Facebook. It's how I keep in touch with family and friends, especially the ones that live out of state.  I've joined several homeschool groups on Facebook which also keep me informed on curricula and other homeschool-related topics.  I don't know why, but it seems that at this time of year there are more families considering homeschooling.  A good number of these families want to pull their kids out of school during or after the holidays and are asking for homeschool help and curriculum.  It may seem unusual, but this is a good way to hear from homeschool families and their experiences with homeschooling and curriculum. The world of technology brings so much information to our fingertips. 

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