Friday, November 01, 2013

Homeschool Activities

We live in South Florida where we have a large homeschool community. We have many homeschool support groups. We're members of two of these groups.  The homeschool community has grown tremendously in the last 10 years. When we started, our support group had park dates and special events for holidays. We had a Spelling Bee and Science Fair.  Now our homeschool groups offer drama clubs, yearbook committees, several different Bees like math, geography, spelling, and we still have the holiday events. We also have an event called Historically Speaking where our kids get an opportunity to speak about a historical character. And then there's Around the World.  Our kids do a study on a country and then share with the rest of the families present all they learned. They can use traditional dress from their country of choice. They can also bring money and food from the country they're speaking on.  Our yearly Thanksgiving event has grown to a Thanksgiving Feast with our kids performing different talents. This is in addition to our yearly talent show.

New homeschool families don't have to worry about their children missing out on anything. In addition to weekly field trips, there are plenty of opportunities for healthy socialization, for pursuing individual interests, and for co-op classes. There are also opportunities for healthy academic competition and a chance to participate in the activities I mentioned like the fairs, talent shows and Bees, including Debate and Public Speaking clubs. I mustn't forget other clubs like drama, dance, book clubs and yearbook or newsletter clubs. And then there are the athletic and band clubs. My kids have a homecoming dance this month. They'll also be going to the homeschool prom this year, since my oldest daughter is graduating homeschool high school.

Speaking of homeschooling high school.  I'm so glad that I have many homeschoolers before me who have paved the way and can help me with things such as homeschool transcripts. When we began considering homeschooling, I spent countless hours at the library and borrowed every book they had on homeschooling to educate myself on the subject. Today helpful homeschool resources are within reach via the internet.  So if you're considering homeschooling, take the plunge. I can tell you it's the best choice we've ever made for our family. 

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Kat said...

I love, LOVE all of the resources that are available to homeschoolers now. Even more than what was there just a few years ago! :)