Monday, October 21, 2013

Thinking About Homeschooling

As a veteran homeschooler of six children,  I love it when people tell me that they are considering homeschooling. Not because I think everyone should homeschool, but because I know the great joy that awaits them once they begin that journey. It’s often in October, once the first report cards come out that many parents realize that school isn’t working for them.  Besides August, October is the month for the largest amount of school turnover. In my opinion, October’s a great month to get started!  You see, homeschooling though it’s tough and it requires a lot of personal sacrifice and just plain hard work is a huge investment. Investing in your child’s future and their education is worth every headache and every inconvenience.
I believe that anyone that sets their mind to homeschooling can do it. Whether you are educated or not, love teaching or not… there are so many options, so many homeschool trends,  and so many different ways to homeschool, that it has become easy to be a success!
As a homeschool newbie, I thought that homeschooling had to look just like my classroom did when I taught in school…children in neat rows, with books open while reading and working silently. HA! That vision disintegrated within the first few months of homeschooling all my kiddos! Moving from the preconceived ideas that I had of education and opening my mind up to the various innovative methods that homeschoolers use really set our homeschool free. I began to ask other homeschoolers what they did. I looked at research and information online and found homeschool forums where I could ask other homeschoolers pertinent questions. It all began to make more sense. Homeschoolers are really truly free. Free to educate as they please and free to learn at their pace and in their own interest-led way!
If I were to give one piece of advice to someone new to homeschool it would be this…Don’t be afraid of being different and doing what fits your family and your children.  So, if you are entertaining thoughts of homeschooling your children look around, ask questions, and investigate. The more you know the more informed a decision you can make. Though not everyone might feel “cut out” to homeschool, homeschooling is the most flexible and most personalized way to learn. You just might be surprised at how much fun it is!

Bio – Jamie and her family live in the Deep South and love enjoying iced tea on the front porch swing. Married to her high school sweetheart for 20 years she enjoys homeschooling with her six children. As a previous school teacher/principal she understands the shortcomings of systematized schooling and loves to share about the joys of homeschooling. She is currently an educational consultant and a freelance writer for Let’s Homeschool High School, Time4Learning, Online Education for Kids, and MomSCHOOL.

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