Saturday, October 19, 2013

New To Homeschooling

I was visiting some friends last night and was introduced to a very nice lady who was there with her two daughters. She's in her first year of homeschooling her younger daughter, about 7 years old. Her 12-year-old daughter was sitting next to her mom and I was curious as to the reason why she was choosing to homeschool the younger, but not the older daughter.  As discreetly as I could, I asked her.  She explained that her daughter doesn't want to be homeschooled, that she's very ambitious and very smart. Daughter has already selected the colleges that she'd like to apply to, and both are afraid these colleges may not accept her if she's been homeschooled. Mom would then feel at fault for hindering her daughter's career goals. Her daughter also added that she has friends in school and doesn't want to leave that behind.  As we continued in conversation, I was impressed by how well her daughter was communicating with the group of adults. We were in a group of four homeschool moms.  So naturally, we spoke about homeschool statistics and how more and more colleges and universities are actively recruiting homeschooled students.

The more daughter talked, the more I thought to myself that she would benefit from homeschooling.  There was so much she wanted to achieve. She mentioned several extracurricular activities that she would love to get involved with, but doesn't have the time because of her schedule. We spoke about the many homeschool resources that are available to us. They recently moved here from Italy. The family speaks 3 languages.  Daughter spoke with ease about all the things she wants to accomplish. I hope she excels in school and continues to grow.

As for the younger daughter, they are extremely happy with their choice to homeschool.  They've joined a local support group and local co-op.  They're making many new friends and learning new things. They're happy with their co-op and the time they get to spend together.  Mom asked some questions about homeschool requirements.  A couple of the moms in our group are military homeschoolers. It was interesting to hear of the different requirements for the different states they have lived in.  It's always interesting to hear how different homeschooling can be in different states, especially if you live in a small town where there may not be many homeschool families.  We have a very large homeschooling community where we live. What is it like to homeschool in your town?

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