Friday, October 11, 2013


I'm doing as much reading as I can with our youngest daughter, even choosing books to read about math.  I've found vocabulary games very helpful for her. One of her favorites are Literature games because we use the words that are in the book we're reading for her to practice. So when she comes across them in her book, she already is familiar with the words. We've been reading Madeline.  She loves any books that are about girls.  She loves the Madeline movies, too.  I also add these words to spelling practice and have her make flashcards to carry on a big ring when we go out. She loves playing with cards in general, so I take advantage of that little fact to make some cards for her that she can really use in her learning.  On Wednesdays she writes sentences using her spelling and vocabulary words.  This is still a little bit of a struggle for her.  I try not to exasperate her. So if she's having too much trouble with some words, we'll carry them on to another week. Sometimes all the words, sometimes only a few.

As we're focusing on comprehension, right now she's having difficulty with understanding analogy.  I've tried different ways.  I think it's just going to take a little more practice and repetition.  Even while we're out running errands, I'll practice analogy vocabulary with her. I think she'll get it in time.  She just needs more practice. 

This is one of the beauties of homeschooling.  She can work at her own pace. We are able to challenge her without exasperating her.  The online learning games and vocabulary games really help to make it fun for her. 

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Kat said...

If we didn't have the wealth of online games and apps available to us, we would be miserable! So, so grateful for all of the resources that are available to us, not only as homeschoolers but as parents! :)