Saturday, August 17, 2013

How To Use Word Search in Homeschool

I love word games. I also like puzzles.  My mom used to do crossword puzzles, but now she enjoys playing Sudoku.  She carries around a book of Sudoku, and she'll play it on her free time or while she's waiting in line at a checkout.  As a little girl, I did the same, but with Word Search. While my mom likes numbers, I like words. Word games help me exercise my aging brain, but they also helps me with homeschooling our kids.

I often create Word Search or word find puzzles for my kids.  I find it's a great way to practice spelling and vocabulary. These are word games that we can create using our own word list or lists already created for our use.  The kids can play them on the computer, but we've also printed them.  I like to bring something educational to do when we're waiting at the doctor's office or at our speech therapy appointments.

I've also used Word Searches when studying foreign languages. A couple of years ago I taught Spanish in a co-op.  I had to find a way to give the kids a little homework to keep the Spanish words fresh in their minds before I saw them again the following week.  The word searches were a fun way for the kids to practice their Spanish vocabulary at home.  I'd usually give them at least two to take home. Another good use for Word Searches is math vocabulary.

As we prepare to get back to school, I'm getting our resources together.  I'm trying to find ways to bring some creativity into our homeschool.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

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Kat said...

We love word searches as spelling and vocabulary practice, but I never thought about using them for foreign language study/practice! Super idea!!

Thanks so much for sharing,
Katie :)