Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Homeschool Plan and Goals

Our daughter S just had her evaluation.  She did better than I expected. She has improved overall in math and in reading, which includes vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension. After last year's evaluation I decided to focus most on math this past school year. So I'm happy to see that it made a difference. Math is the most difficult subject for her. This year we will continue to work  on her math, but we also need to focus on writing this year.

I'd like to follow some guidelines on a writing standards overview.  Up to now, she's been doing copy work, focusing on spelling, capital letters and basic punctuation. She's also been journaling, but only to put her ideas on paper without being concerned with mommy grading or correcting her journal. This year I want to help her organize her thoughts and put them down on paper. We'll work on basic sentence structure, verbs and nouns, break up run-on sentences with proper punctuation, and maybe even work on some simple short poems.  We'll incorporate what we find from the writing standards overview into our homeschooling lapbooking writing.  I've already planned on lapbooking with our homeschool science curriculum.

For my older kids, Time4Learning has just added homeschool high school to their program, and we are so excited. I'm especially excited to see they are offering Economics/Personal Finance and Geography. Although we covered geography in elementary and middle school, I think we need to cover it again in high school. And of course, Economics and Personal Finance is essential. I'd like to also teach them to budget. They've both started working part-time, so now is a perfect time to help them learn to invest in others by tithing, invest in their own future by saving and how to spend their money wisely.

So what are your goals for the new year?  I'd love to hear from you!

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Kat said...

We are so excited about the Time4Learning high school courses too! :D