Thursday, July 11, 2013

Learning Disabilities

There are so many resources for teaching our kids at home now.  Because we've been homeschooling so many years and we've tried so many different curricula, we receive several curriculum catalogs from different companies.  There is one in particular that is thicker than our Yellow Pages Directory.  I can see why it's difficult to decide what curriculum to choose or to resist temptation to switch curriculum when what we've been using is working just fine. I'm not going to say perfectly, because there is no such thing as a perfect curriculum.  I often cringe when I hear or read someone's criticism of a particular curriculum to another homeschool parent simply because what may have been a bad choice for one child, may work nicely for another. 

It was most difficult to find just the right curriculum for our daughter S, who has learning disabilities or learning challenges. While I've heard parents say that a particular curriculum has too much repetition, it is precisely what I need for my daughter but had not found until we started with Time4Learning. Not that it's repetitive, but that it allows us to choose to repeat a lesson as often as necessary.  A child with Down syndrome needs lots of repetition.  Before finding Time4Learning, I was wasting paper and money making extra copies of worksheets for her to repeat lessons until she fully grasped a concept.  The lessons online have made it so much easier. It's also a plus that she's easily picked up some computer skills and feels so comfortable using the computer. When she's done with her Time4Learning, on her own she will switch to her literature games online or her spelling lists by grade that we've created for her. 

Though it can be tempting having so many choices, it's encouraging that we have so many resources and options available to us. We all have different learning and teaching styles.  The catalogs are good to read through, also, because they offer free detailed product reviews. If you cannot sample a curriculum before purchasing it, I suggest you read several reviews from different sources. 

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Kat said...

I's amazing just how many resources are available out there for homeschooling! Thanks for the great ideas for spelling lists and online literature games! :)