Wednesday, July 03, 2013


We're still visiting with my family in Orlando. Living with my two sisters and their families under one roof.  We're actually having a wonderful time together. Altogether we have 9 kids in the house. We have 14 kids between the 3 of us sisters, but the kids that are not with us are adults and stayed home with their own families, or are working or in school. 

So we are now at the mid-point of our vacation.  Tomorrow is the 4th of July.  Because there are so many tourists here in Orlando at this time of the year and traffic is CRAZY, we've planned to stay at the house. We've purchased our own safe fireworks and Sparklers for the kids.  We've planned our meals for tomorrow.  Now we're just praying for good weather.  It's been raining every day this week for a few hours each day. Florida weather is very unusual.  Some of our older kids will be coming by to hang out with us, which will be nice. There's a game called Monopoly Deal that we all love to play together.  So we're looking forward to that.  

Time is going by too fast.  We all have a lot in common and yet are different in other ways, but we get along great.  Taking turns cooking and cleaning has not been an issue. We like the same kinds of food. Our kids like to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  So that makes planning meals and snacks easy.  I brought a bag full of mangoes and avocados from my tree and my neighbor's tree.  Mango is my favorite fruit. My son grew this mango tree from a seed of a mango that we had. He enjoys gardening and planting fruit trees.  He started very young when we joined a homeschool 4-H club. It was a wonderful experience for all of us in more ways than one.  My daughter learned about horses, and went on to take lessons in English Riding and then volunteered at a ranch with children with special needs.  My son learned science about plants and took that further as he grew trees and plants in our garden.  We all made new friends who are still in our lives today.  Our 4-H group was very diverse as we had African American homeschoolers, Latin American homeschoolers, and one homeschool family who were American, but had just moved back to the States after 6 years of living in Africa as missionaries.  That's one of the things I like about living in Florida.  It's a melting pot. 

Now, because we're on vacation, we only have one computer to share between 3 families.  My daughter and my niece are waiting for me to get off the computer because they want to play some keyboarding games.  The boys are all in the game room playing on the XBox and playing pool.  And a few of the adults and the older kids are going to play Monopoly Deal.  So I'm off to play and have some fun.  

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Kat said...

It's been raining here A LOT. We feel like we are going to float away, lol. Hope you guys enjoy your vacation! :)