Saturday, June 29, 2013

School on Vacation

That trip I talked about to Orlando in my last post?  It's just something I slightly thought about doing, but it's going to happen after all.  My youngest sister T is here from Costa Rica with her family.  A relative passed away and they came for the funeral. So her family has decided to visit our other sister D in Orlando, and they asked my family to join them. We're leaving today!  My other sister D and her daughter K were here a few days ago and left with our daughter S.  Even though our daughters had not seen each other in years, they were so happy to see each other and play together.  They're close in age and just love being together. Our daughter is overjoyed to get to visit with her cousin.

We're packing and getting ready now to drive up to Orlando for a few days.  My niece just called me.  She wants to know if it's okay if they go on our daughter S's Time4Learning account so they can do some school.  This made me smile.  "Yes, of course, honey. You can do some school together."  Now what mom would say no to that!  I'm sure once S gets on the computer, she'll also want to play some keyboarding games with her cousin.  She loves playing games on the computer, so why not make them learning games, right?

My sister has had some concerns about kids using the internet.  We both have older kids, so we know the dangers involved. Like us, she keeps the computer out in the family room. We've talked about internet safety for kids and have applied some of the safeguards suggested in articles we've read.  I don't know what we would do without the internet.  It's an integral part of learning and working in our home.  My kids in high school, college and elementary all use the computer.  I don't know how homeschoolers did it without computers.  That brings me back to when I first started homeschooling and I purchased a whole set of encyclopedias.  My husband was so happy the day I donated them to the library.  There are several books in addition to the encyclopedias that I donated, because the information they provided were easily accessible on the internet. However, having said that, there are plenty of books I would never get rid of, fiction and non-fiction. There's nothing like curling up on a couch with a good page-turner.  A real book! 

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Kat said...

I love turning other families on to T4L and the other online resources we've appreciated over the years. :) And I know what you mean about getting rid of books that have information accessible on the web...that's really hard for our family, lol. As much as we love technology, we love our books! :)