Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Schools Out!!!

School's out!!!  That's what I keep seeing on my social sites and hearing from our nieces and nephews who attend public school. Well, not here in our home. We just got back from our homeschool convention a few weeks ago. We had a wonderfully relaxing long weekend. But you know what? I'm still feeling like we need to take some more time off.  My sister just called me this morning to tell me she's finally in Orlando. She just moved from Montana to Orlando, Florida. I think she's going to need some help unpacking some boxes. ;)  And maybe we can reward ourselves after unpacking with a trip to one of the parks.

I think it's mostly my son and I that are feeling most burnt-out. He's still working on finishing his Algebra 2 and Anatomy.  Also, he will soon be getting some SAT writing help with an online tutor.  My daughters, on the other hand, seem to be fine. My oldest is dual enrolled in only one college class for the summer (Psychology), and finishing up Anatomy with me at home.  My youngest is doing her online summer school, which she enjoys.  I'm still working with her on her reading comprehension and playing spelling games.  It's not unusual that we school through the summer.  So the kids are used to it.  

We do have a holiday coming up. 4th of July!!  So I think we should start planning a short trip to Orlando.  It's really only a 3-hour drive for us.  I'd also love to see my sister and her family. Montana was too far away for us to visit much as a family...and a bit too cold for this Floridian. :)

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Kat said...

Not out yet here either. It's all good though, my boys are like me...too hot to really play outside in the summer much and we enjoy our time off in the other seasons! :D

Have fun in Orlando!