Saturday, April 27, 2013

Algebra Vocabulary

Math is one of the most difficult subjects for me.  I enjoy teaching reading, writing, grammar, history, geography....anything but math.  So with each of my children I have been able to put them in a class or with a tutor when they've gotten to Algebra, which is beyond my level of teaching.  This last year their tutor explained to them how much easier Algebra would be for them if they learn the math vocabulary.  And to make sure they were learning it, in addition to the math problems they have in a test, they would also be tested on vocabulary.  This is something I could get involved with! Finally I can help them with math again!  :) I helped them make lapbooks with the vocabulary words. We took a file folder and some plain white printing paper.  We folded the white sheet of paper in half and glued one side in the file folder.  We wrote the vocabulary word on the outside of the paper, and on the inside we wrote the definition. This way they could test each other or even themselves on the vocabulary words. We found that if they made the file folder on their own, writing the words and the definitions was helpful in remembering some of the vocabulary words.  My son also liked playing the definition match game online.  At home he'd play the games online and in the car we'd use the lapbook we created.  I think it helped them.  We certainly had more fun making the lapbook and playing the games online than doing math problems.  I know, some of you think math is fun, and I'm sure it can be.  But you can give me sentences to diagram over math problems any day. ;)

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Kat said...

Lol...Math always came easily to me, but I never enjoyed it. The hubs on the other hand, hated it as much as he didn't get it. :/ Like you, I am certainly glad there are resources out there where we can at least try and make math fun. :D