Friday, March 01, 2013

Around the World - Geography

Much like reading opens up a whole new world for us, in the same way geography opens up different cultures for us.  Learning can be so much fun, which is why I love homeschooling.  Geography is often included in studying history.  However, geography, taught on its own, can be so interesting.  It's also necessary with so much going on politically around the world right now.

Through our homeschool support group we have participated in an event called Around the World where students choose a country to speak about.  Students will speak as a family or a team of families or friends.  One year we chose to speak about Spain.  We have family in Spain, so we were able to get some costumes of Flamenco Spanish dancers for our girls to wear. Our son dressed as a Spanish bullfighter, otherwise known as a Matador. That was easy to put together on our own. We did a study on the climate, population, foods, cities, and culture of Spaniards.  Each of the kids picked a topic to speak on and did their own short presentation.  We had a table set up with a poster, money from Spain, Spanish foods and candies.  Not only was it fun putting it all together, but it was interesting to learn of all the different countries presented by all the families.

There are so many ways to make learning geography easy. If your student likes drawing, why not have him map different sections of the world.  Have a globe and a children's atlas easily accessible for everyone.  Hang up a world map where it's visible, and as you read or 'visit' different cities or countries, mark it with a tack. Maybe even mark the different cities or countries where you have family, friends or pen pal.  Play games searching for different cities or countries.  Use geography lists to play fun games on the internet and to create a Bingo game.  Keep a world puzzle out on a table to work on together.  LearningGamesforKids has some simple and fun geography games.  A fun game to play together is Where in The World.  I like to keep books on our living room table.  I'll switch them up every week.  So why not include some books with pictures of far-away places. Geography can be so much fun!  If you have any ideas or things you have used, please share with us.

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