Friday, February 22, 2013

Homeschool Math Curriculum

The one subject I've known would be a challenge to teach my kids is math.  It's been so many years since I used math for anything more than just making change in shopping or figuring out percentages. I knew I could handle teaching it in elementary school, but beyond that, I worried about what I would do.  

Over the years we tried several different math curricula, trying to find the program best suited for my children.  I have a son that is very analytical and can easily figure out a math textbook as he reads it. My daughters are more visual and hands on. They need to see how it works.  While my son can read the directions and do it, my daughters need motivation.  Which is why I'm so glad to have found an online math curriculum that works great for my younger daughter. It's engaging and effective.  Unfortunately for my older daughter, it only goes as far as 8th grade, and she's in 11th grade. 

It's such a relief that my daughter is enjoying math.  To reinforce a math concept she has just covered in her lessons, I will sometimes use some math printable worksheets.  These are so helpful for my daughter because she needs a lot of repetition. In addition to the worksheets, I find online math games for her.  I found a few good money games for her, since that's what we've been working on the last few months.  In addition, we also play some shopping games together and she helps me out at the grocery store.  This helps her to really grasp the concept of using money and making small change.  Well, we haven't gotten to the part of making change, but that will be next. 

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Kat said...

We definitely need some extra time with math around here. Not necessarily because my boys are not getting it, but just because it takes a little longer for certain concepts to "stick." Worksheets don't go over well, lol, but they do enjoy playing math games least I have that. :)