Friday, January 11, 2013

Learning Games

Yesterday was a bit of a crazy day.  I had to take my daughter to her speech therapy and then my son to a doctor appointment.  So we spent most of the afternoon in waiting rooms.  You know how that is.  Fortunately (or unfortunately), we have years of experience on waiting rooms at therapists’ and doctors’ offices.  Our kids and I come prepared.  My son brought some reading material and I brought our iPad for our daughter.  I recently downloaded the app for SpellingCity.  She loves it.  We also use SpellingCity at home.   

Our Speech Therapist is teaching my daughter about multiple meaning of words.  So I showed her how I can use SpellingCity at home to add the vocabulary words with multiple meanings to our vocabulary list. I am then able to reinforce what she is learning with the speech therapist by using the same vocabulary list to do a sentence-writing activity using the multiple meaning words.   Once she has finished that, she then plays interactive vocabulary building games using the same list.  I love using online learning games to reinforce what we're teaching her.  One of her favorite spelling games at SpellingCity is hangman. She loves to play hangman.  I privately call it a spelling game because it helps her with her spelling.  She just thinks of it as a word game where she has to keep the mouse from catching the cat. As a matter of fact, while in the waiting room, she and I spent some time playing it together.  Another mommy in the room leaned over and asked what we were doing because my daughter was giggling each time she beat me (when I let her win). 


Dee said...

Love how you are using the time sitting in the waiting room! Also love how you are reinforcing what the therapist is teaching your daughter. I bet the therapist LOVED that!

Jamie Gaddy said...

I love how spelling city can help on so many fronts! One of my all time favorite homeschool helps!! Thanks for the great post!

Jamie Gaddy said...

I love how spelling city is so helpful on so many fronts. It is one of my all time favorite curriculum. Thanks for the great post!