Friday, December 28, 2012

Can I Homeschool High School

When I started homeschooling my children, they were in Kindergarten.  I was excited to be able to stay at home and teach our children.  We decided we would take it one year at a time.  Each year, though, we got more and more involved as we joined homeschool support groups, met other families that homeschooled, got involved in co-ops, joined our local homeschool P.E., and began to participate in different homeschool events.  All was going smoothly and we were enjoying homeschooling...with the few bumps in the road that occur from burnout every once in a while.  We dealt with those by taking a break to the beach or taking a mini vacation.

I look back on those elementary and middle school years with my now high school kids with fond memories.  I also remember that as my kids came closer to the high school years, I started to have doubts.  The doubt that I had not experienced in our earlier years of homeschooling but had plagued some of my friends, was now whispering in my ear.  Can I homeschool high school?  How was I going to teach my kids higher math, or physical science, or chemistry?  These are the subjects I feared.  And then there's the planning for college, and record-keeping, transcripts.  Ahhhhh!  Those elementary years were a breeze.  The high school years are serious!

Well, now I'm a few years into high school.  It isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  We're learning together.  I have picked up some high school planning tools, that are making these years easier than I expected. My kids are learning all the subjects required, and more.....even if I need some help from a tutor for that higher math.  Yes, we can do it!!