Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    Even though summertime is often spent at camp or in the pool, it's important to make sure that your child doesn't backslide on his or her studies. By signing up for an 8-week Time4Writing course this summer, you'll be keeping their education front and center. They can review their writing mechanics or maybe even start learning to write for the SATs. Thy also have all sorts of free materials to learn or practice writing. Time4Writing offers: Courses for elementary, middle and high school students Certified teachers who provide timely feedback on writing assignments A certificate of completion for each student with their final grade Have a family vacation planned? No problem! Just follow our 4-week suggested scheduled to finish your course in time before you hit the road. Not sure which course to choose? Check out the course catalog or use the course placement tool! Make this summer as productive as possible for your child and keep the learning momentum going by registering for a Time4Writing course today. Yours in Writing, John Founder of Time4Writing

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