Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Homeschool Literature Reviews HomeschoolLiterature.com announces a FREE ONLINE BOOK CLUB for homeschoolers! 

The HomeschoolLiterature.com website is the ONLY directory that features literature in which homeschoolers are featured.  Why read about Dick and Jane going to school when you can read about families like yours!?!

You can join the club as an individual, family, homeschool coop, class, or whatever.  The book club will feature: 

  • fiction books with homeschooled characters
  • club ideas for all ages and grade levels
  • mixture of printable, online, and hands-on activities
  • additional resource links for book extensions

    HomeschoolLiterature Book Club

I'm going to go register. I know some of the Moms who have organized and just to hear their humor and wisdom, it's easily worth the time. Tell your friends too.

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