Sunday, January 29, 2012

Building Vocabulary

I'll tell you right now that I am not impartial or fair-minded when it comes to  I love and am deeply involved with this online service. For instance, I think their tools for writing practice, Hangman game online (HangMouse), Crossword Puzzle, WordSearch, vocabulary, and compound words are the BEST! With that disclaimer, let me tell you how understated I think this statement about some of their capabilities is:

It's Now Simpler to Write Your Own Sentences and Definitions!January 2012
While parents and teachers have literally written millions of their own sentences, the fact is that it was hard to do because of the character limit. We've received thousands of requests to extend the limit.

You asked for it - you got it! Now your custom sentences and definitions can be up to 127 characters long.
Users were thrilled when we launched the ability to customize sentences in 2010 and add their own words in 2011. Many teachers and parents told us that creating custom content really helped engage their students, but they felt the 50-character limit was too restrictive.With more than double the number of characters to work with, it's easier than ever to write your own sentences!
Create custom content to:
  • Personalize sentences using students' names.
  • Make activities and tests based on books your students are reading.
  • Make your own word games, like the Analogies games in Teacher Resources.
These materials would be useful for any homeschool curriculum

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