Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Five Online Homeschooling Resources

  1. - It's number one on Google, constantly updated, and the best homeschool shopping on the web. Congrats to Rebecca.
  2. - It's number two on Google. An old authority. Great articles. Very traditional in that it's philosophical and religious, it hasn't quite moved past the original need to justify homeschooling onto the more practical issues that people have today. Mary Pride is of course a legend.
  3. - A huge community of homeschoolers.
  4. Ann Zeiss' Yahoo webmaster tools is the best.  Her AZgomilipitas site is also ancient and enormous but a little hard to use as a resource.
  5. The is a nice site that has gotten very popular. Half recipes, half homeschooling.
  6. The's blog gets more traffic than anybody else. Amazing photography and blending of topics and materials.
OK. That's six, ignore the one that you don't like.

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