Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Homeschooling Books  I think this site is inspired. Of course, I'm associated with it. 

I'm going to take this in two directions that you who want homeschooling curriculum advice might not expect.

Homeschool Literature ReviewsLiterature and stories about homeschoolers!

A directory with reviews by homeschoolers, study guides, and ideas for further study

 e read and review any short-story, picture book, or novel that relates to homeschooling. The site gives parents and children the chance to find books that talk about situations they can relate to. is new! We’re working on lesson plans, author interviews, more reviews, and maybe expanding into other closely related topics. If you would like to get involved, here are some possibilities:
  • Want to elaborate, agree, or disagree with a review? You can make comments on the bottom of each review.
  • Think this site is a great idea? Link to it from your blog, Facebook account, or homeschool group.
  • Want to reprint our reviews in your homeschool newsletters or on your website? You may if you include a link back to us.
  • Have feedback for us? Good, don’t be shy; this site is for you so tell us what you think.
  • Like the review and want to buy the book? Just click on book pic and it will take you to the author’s site or Amazon to buy it!

Books for homeschooling families

I'm talking about the homeschooling Cyber book club for parents who want to know more.
the leading contenders for the next book to discuss:
StrengthFinder 2.0
Tom Rath
(is How Full is your Bucket more relevant?)
Five Languages of Love
Gary Chapman
(or another book by him)
The Homework Myth
Alfie Kohn
(or another of his books)
The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens
Stephen R. Covey
(perhaps The Leader in Me by him which deals most directly with parenting)

Our Cyber Book Club Moderator will be MamaMary. Mary has been homeschooling since the late 90's and is the mother of four sons, all of whom have their own style of learning. After falling in love with their web-based curriculum, she now works closely with Time4Learning. In addition, she is the chairwoman of one of the largest homeschool support groups in the State of Florida and is also the founder of SWSH, an online support group dedicated to helping families learn how to pursue a strengths-based homeschool/lifestyle.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Top Five Online Homeschooling Resources

  1. - It's number one on Google, constantly updated, and the best homeschool shopping on the web. Congrats to Rebecca.
  2. - It's number two on Google. An old authority. Great articles. Very traditional in that it's philosophical and religious, it hasn't quite moved past the original need to justify homeschooling onto the more practical issues that people have today. Mary Pride is of course a legend.
  3. - A huge community of homeschoolers.
  4. Ann Zeiss' Yahoo webmaster tools is the best.  Her AZgomilipitas site is also ancient and enormous but a little hard to use as a resource.
  5. The is a nice site that has gotten very popular. Half recipes, half homeschooling.
  6. The's blog gets more traffic than anybody else. Amazing photography and blending of topics and materials.
OK. That's six, ignore the one that you don't like.