Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writing Classes Online - Too Many Choices!

I can't seem to find the one size fits all online writing course for the problem writer in my family. If money were no object I would just send her to a Kumon center or hire a tutor and they could diagnose and fix the writing problems on the spot. But those options aren't financially feasible right now. I had researched and found the Time4Writing writing courses previously and was very impressed by their selection of writing courses for kids of all ages. And at less than $13 per week of instruction, this is within my budget.

The only problem was that I was always overwhelmed at the choices and had no idea which class would be best address her specific writing problems. Today when I visited the site, I found this writing problem diagnostic chart with the problem, solution and best class all presented in a way that even I could get it. What a releif. I pinpointed her problem - she doesn't stay on topic when given a writing assignment. I found her problem easily now I can move forward and enroll her into the Welcome to the Essay class with confidence. And even after 2 weeks of the 8 week class, if we need to change, we still can.

Check out writing class selection chart and find the perfect class for your problem writer.

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