Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Homeschooling in California

In California, homeschooling parents four options to deal with with the mandatory school attendence requirements:

1. Establish a home-based private school. Parents must fill out a Private School Affidavit (PSA, formerly known as R-4) and go through other steps for establishing and maintaining a private school. 

2. Enroll in a private school that offers independent or "satellite" programs.  Parents must choose a private school satellite program (PSP), enroll, pay the tuition, and fulfill any school requirements. But the state cannot contact them.

3. Enroll in a Public School ISP or Charter Schools that offers independent study. 

 4. Utilize a credentialed teacher or tutor - or the parent, if so qualified.

California Pamphlet
List of CA charter schools
California Homeschool Info - One example
Online California Support Forum -


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Writing Classes Online - Too Many Choices!

I can't seem to find the one size fits all online writing course for the problem writer in my family. If money were no object I would just send her to a Kumon center or hire a tutor and they could diagnose and fix the writing problems on the spot. But those options aren't financially feasible right now. I had researched and found the Time4Writing writing courses previously and was very impressed by their selection of writing courses for kids of all ages. And at less than $13 per week of instruction, this is within my budget.

The only problem was that I was always overwhelmed at the choices and had no idea which class would be best address her specific writing problems. Today when I visited the site, I found this writing problem diagnostic chart with the problem, solution and best class all presented in a way that even I could get it. What a releif. I pinpointed her problem - she doesn't stay on topic when given a writing assignment. I found her problem easily now I can move forward and enroll her into the Welcome to the Essay class with confidence. And even after 2 weeks of the 8 week class, if we need to change, we still can.

Check out writing class selection chart and find the perfect class for your problem writer.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

You will be happy that you are nothing like me....Christian Homeschooling

I found this article about Christian Homeschooling. I laughed out loud....I highly recommend it....

You will be extremely happy to know that you have nothing in common with me. You glide along through life like a leaf down a crystal stream. You tend to steer in the direction everyone else is steering, and the road ahead of you is well lit and mapped out. Your children have been welcomed with open arms by everyone they’ve met, and your home is a bastion of peace, harmony, and good will. Best of all, your homeschooling experience has been the most rewarding and inspiring era of your life, and you’ve never doubted your calling for even a moment. See? I told you that you have nothing in common with me.

Me . . . well, my life has been slightly different. My leaf tends to get stuck against every wet rock of the stream, my steering has been out of alignment for as long as I can remember, and the road I am on has been steep, winding, and many times even closed for construction. My children, both with special needs, have been stared at, frowned upon, and pitied in their turn, and my home can feel much more like an open battlefield than a fortress at times. And frankly, I’ve been tempted to quit homeschooling more times than I’ve been tempted to cheat on my diet, and that is saying a lot. However, while my life in no way resembles yours, you needn’t feel sorry for me one bit. I like my life . . . actually, I love it - - every little bit of it - - because God made me especially for it. Read More about Christian Homeschooling....