Thursday, November 26, 2009

Unschooling - Does that mean I unlearn everthing I learned in school?

Unschooling seems like a strange term to use when describing an educational curriculum used by homeschoolers. It sounds like you are undoing something done by school instead of a proactive teaching approach. Reading about unschooling as a homeschool approach at Time4Learning:

"Contrary to how it sounds, Unschooling is an active learning process, and not the passive, unstructured method that it sounds like. Unschoolers are homeschoolers who are focused more on the experimental process of learning and becoming educated, than with 'doing school.' The focus of unschooling is on the choices made by the individual child, dictated by interests, learning style, and personality type."

My suggestion is that the unschoolers of the world get a new public relations agent and rename the curriculum to something that is more descriptive and less negative, like say maybe experiential homeschooling.



Idzie said...

...But unschooling is not a "curriculum". Unschooling is NOT using a curriculum, or any forced "schooling" at all, but simply learning what, where, when, and how the learner/student wants to! Unschooling means NOT "schooling", and simply learning instead. However, some unschoolers agree with you in that they don't like the term *unschooling*, and instead refer to their learning process as child-led learning, delight driven learning, life learning, or worldschooling...

topsy-techie said... "curriculum" at all involved in unschooling. But I have always disliked labels that define what they are by what they AREN'T. So unschooling, granted, is a weird term. I like the name my oldest son came up with: Free-Form Schooling. His blog is called Blog of a Free-Form Scholar, if you ever want to check out what an unschooler's life is really like:

Sara said...

We just call it living.