Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are You Homeschooled?

One subject that never seems to come up in conversation, where did you go to school? Or should I say, one response that never comes up - I was homeschooled, how about you? I know that homeschoolers only make up abut 1.5% of the population, but I never seem to run into them. Or maybe homeschoolers are just not forthcoming about being homeschooled.

I mean homeschooling isn't mainstream for sure and that's one thing that kids want to be is mainstream so they fit into their peer group. So this might explain why mum is the word on homeschooling discussions at cocktail parties. But why be so quiet about an education platform that appears to be outperforming all others - by a margin of 20-30 points on standardized tests?

I think it might be time for homeschoolers everywhere to come out of the closet and toot their horn a bit. Even if all parents can't make the commitment to full time educational responsibility, maybe they can step up to the plate and provide more supplemental help for their kids. Technology and the internet have made easier than ever to fill in the gaps of where public schools are letting down our kids who may have special needs. The company I work for has a wonderful option for afterschool or summer school help, not to mention a great adoption rate by homeschoolers everywhere.


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BBat50 said...

Actually, the last time I took a tennis lesson it was from a lady who was homeschooled (so she could work on her tennis).