Monday, June 08, 2009

Home schooling continues to grow according to US Dept. of Education

According to the latest numbers published by the US Department of Education, in 2007 2.9% of all US families home schooled their children. This percentage represents 1.5 million students whose education is exclusively home schooling. And home schooled students overall is up 36% from 2003 when the number was 1.1 million.

Even more enlightening is the fact that according to this latest study, another 1.5 million children are using home school curricula for a portion of their education, either after school studies or summer school.

When polled why parents had selected home schooling, 36% said religious or moral instruction as the reason, 21% expressed concerns about the public school environment, 17% were dissatisfied with the quality and 14% stated other reasons, the largest being more family time.

One disturbing trend is the fact that boys as a percentage of home schooled children declined from 49% in 2003 to only 42% in 2007. When asked to explain the reduction, participation in team sports and more difficulty at higher levels for moms to manage was the reason given for shifting from home schooling to public schools. More involvement from dad might help continue home schooling for boys into the higher grades.

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