Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Homeschooling in Maryland

I'm from Maryland so it is with great interest that I've been reading the info on homeschooling in Maryland. The T4L state rep says that this is how she follows the rules for homeschooling in Maryland:

We follow what MD requires of us, no more and no less. In the state of Maryland we are required to meet with the board of education twice during the school year for a review. We provide documentation on what our children are being taught outside of the public school system. They like to see that we have samples of what our son is learning, mostly in the areas of English, health, math, science, and social studies. Art, music, physical education, and other activities that we do are extras and at our discretion. We keep all that the state needs in a binder and take that to the review. However, there are several umbrella homeschool groups that one can join to avoid meeting with the school board. We prefer to meet with the school board.

She's available to answer any Maryland homeschool questions.



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