Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Learning the states games

This is a really fun game:
States MatchIt Game

Geography Education Is Very Important
It forms the basis for understanding our political and physical realities. Want to understand the challenge of global warming, start with understanding the basics of our world...of geography. A great of geography education can be effectively taught through geography games and map games. These geography learning games help form the basis for understanding our country, our states, our world. Play on!



Great Vocabulary Games

Vocabulary Learning Fun. They recently added five educational word games that are worth bookmarking for regular use with your students:

Slang - a game that teaches common idiomatic English expressionsSAT Words - a vocabulary word game teaching a 1000 words commonly found on the SATs

Eight Letters in Search of A Word - This is fun and educational to play in groups or alone.

MatchIt - This implementation allows you work your way systematically through the entire dictionary. It helps build grammar skills since there are various forms of the same word. For example, on the first level, you must use grammar and logic skills to correctly match abandon and abandons with the right sentence.

Letter Blocks - A great implementation of the word game where you form words from adjacent letters under time pressure to advance through levels.

And their most popular game remains the online crossword puzzle.