Thursday, November 20, 2008

Homeschool – Preschool

The information on homeschooling often tends to overlook the earliest years, the preschool years. Let me quote from the Time4Learning website....

Homeschool Preschool is one part of home education that approaches faster than most of us are prepared for. Suddenly, our preschoolers are ready for more…more enrichment…more independence…more learning. Whether parents decide to make a long- term, homeschool commitment or are only interested in early elementary homeschooling, many families are looking for a successful preschool program to implement within the home in addition to or in replacement of public preschool or private preschool.

There are many homeschooling parents in need of preschool ideas and creative curriculum for preschoolers. As we try to find the best preschool homeschool curriculum for our children, consistency and flexibility are important, along with finding a resource that engages young learners, carrying them through their formative years.

Another good source of information about preschool homeschool is from the homeschool website.

The leading source of info on preschools is a website called Preschool education which unfortunately is a spam filled site with lots of nasty popups for sneaky downloads. Don't go there.

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