Saturday, July 26, 2008

Homeschooling has gotten much easier...

I saw this post on homeschool online and it articulated something that I've been thinking. Homeschooling has gone from extremely hard to.....just hard.

It's about how the Intenet Changes Everything and I quote:

In the bad old days, say a decade ago or more ago, homeschooling was hard and lonely and it was difficult to do a great job. I’m not saying that a lot of families didn’t have the gumption or resourcefulness to make it work great. I am saying that for the average joe, homeschooling was a tough row to hoe.
Everybody thought you were weird
Most publishers wouldn’t sell you, at any price, the basic textbooks that they sell to schools
There was not much homeschool community (depending on where you were)
Other homeschoolers were hard to find.
etc etc etc


And most importantly, the Internet changes everything. It’s easy to find other homeschoolers of your own ilk and products and services galore. Want to find other Christian homeschoolers using online curriculum, no problem. Want to find other homeschoolers within a few blocks of your home? Want to find other families with a children with both aspergers and dyslexia? It’s all doable on the net. And in terms of products and services. Above and beyond finding used textbooks and thousands of other traditional products, there are pure internet products such as: a free spelling program or an online homeschool curriculum or a way to build vocabulary skills or build phonics skills or with the amazing videos of United Streaming. or the great advice of other homeschool discussions.

I now feel sorry for those students and teachers stuck in a traditional school with limited room to innovate or to access the net.

Me too!!!