Friday, February 01, 2008

Why did we adopt the constitution?

I found a paper that I wrote in college the other day. It was around 10 pages, beautifully written, received an A-, and on a topic that I know nothing about. In fact, if it didn't have my name on it, I would not have known that I wrote it.

It turns out that I used to know alot. And once I started reading it, the subject matter came back to me (in part). Right now, the name escapes me.

The question behind the paper was this. We became an independent country following the success of the Revolutationary War. Then we elected George Washington president, adopted the articles of confederation, and started out as a new country. However, a number of years later (I think 10, the United States decided to change our form of government. We convened a very painful Constitutional Convention and over a long painful summer, wrote the constitutional basis for a new government which is the basis of our country and government today.

What moved the young country to start again after that first decade? I think this is an overlooked point in American history which we can learn from....


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