Saturday, December 15, 2007

Homeschooling and the internet

I believe that much of the growth in homeschooling is due to the internet. No longer is the home isolated. No longer do schools have privileges of access to libraries of information, to text books, to educational standards etc.

Parents can now be part of a community from home. They can shop from home. Virtually anything can be learned from home.

The entire educational process is now opened up to an incredible degree. Nobody fully understands how dramatically the technology is changing the process of education, the goal of education, or the kids who are being educated. A few points about education:

No longer is memorization of so much info an important goal. Now that info retrieval is so simple and fast, we need to carry less in our heads.

The research process is dramatically different.

The work place is dramatically different.

And the kids, shaped by the net and online games and all the digital communications and fast TV, are different.

So sitting in classrooms that move at the pace of molasses using technology and teaching methods unchanged in a century... makes less sense than ever....


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