Sunday, November 04, 2007

A neglected blog

I just posted a comment onto someone's blog and it added an automatic link to my johne profile at blogger. I checked the link and discovered this blog. Which I seem to have forgotten.

It's a shame since I really needed one more blog to try and keep up on. (that was a tired sarcastic comment that slipped out). Let me do a quick review of my blogs....

Communicating with homeschoolers - This one is about our efforts to use forums, chats, newsletters, telephone support, CRMS, and blogs to both improve and streamline our communication with our current and potential members. It's over at homeschoolblogger under the name of EdMouse.

Online marketing - This about the nuts and bolts of online marketing and tracking my progress. It's at blogger and gets the most posts, I guess reflecting the fact that my last two years have been spent thinking more about marketing than educational development. Happily, I think that phase is now done.

Fun learning online - I created this blog as a way to work my ideas from the initial concept into an article. Kindof a series of rough drafts. It's also at blogger.

Web Home School - This is a group blog authored by a number of parents (all moms) about their experiences with Time4Learning. It was intended as a way to learn alot about the details of howTime4Learning fits into a homeschool day. So far, it's an amazing read although not what I initially envisaged. Plus, for some reason, it pulls no traffic or search engine rank.

Karate blog - Since I had alot of spare time and needed to spend more of it in front of a computer, I started blogging about my new sports activity. Both my sports activity and my blogging about it are taking on a life of their own. (woops, more sarcasm...)

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