Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Eclectic Homeschooling

I really believe in only one type of homeschooling curriculum - ecletic.

Each child is different, each season is different, each child responds differently to each subject. Parents should definitely use the right approach for the right child and for each subject. And they should switch them around to keep it interesting.

For instance, I would definitely be:

Classical for much of history and literature studies. There are great books that provide the most stimulating interesting first hand knowledge of so much.

Unschool for much of the arts, literature, science, and social studies. So much stimulation, so much room to follow your interests...Even math when possible.

Curriculum-based for much of the language arts and math. Children need to learn the times tables and other math basics. A homeschool program needs to teach the spelling and punctuation rules (eats, shoots, and leaves) for grammar and ooldes of vocabulary needs to be learned....

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