Friday, September 29, 2006

Best Homeschool Sites & Magazines?

Which are the leading homeschool websites and magazines?

Classical Homeschooling Magazine
Eclectic Homeschool Online - homeschool magazine online.
Everything Homeschooling - monthly online homeschool magazine.
Family Times From Home Educators. Some articles available online.
Homeschool Digest A quarterly journal for homeschoolers with a few articles.
Homeschooling Horizons Magazine - A Canadian magazine published 10x year.
Homeschooling Information and Resource Guide Free publication.
Homeschool - Rebecca's
Homeschool Magazine - Mary Pride’s -
Homeschooling Online - Web journal
Homeschooling Today - A publication and an online source of curriculum.
Jewish Home Educator’s Network - a quarterly newsletter.
Old SchoolHouse Magazine - Christian - large online and printed
Home Education Magazine - Most established & respected homeschool magazine
Kid’s Town - The magazine for homeschool kids by homeschool kids.
Learners Online Magazine - Helps teachers and home educators make the Net accessible.
Life Learning - Bimonthly about unschooling.
The Link - An Online newspaper by the Colfaxes and others.
Practical Homeschooling - Published six times a year.
The Teaching Home - Bimonthly Christian perspective of home education.
Todays Learners - a website .

Monday, September 25, 2006

Top Homeschool Curriculum

I believe the top curriculum would have to go to "eclectic" since in our experience, virtually all families build their own home educational broken using a collection of text books, websites, programs, and creativity. Here are some of the most popular building blocks.....

A Beka - traditional workbook Christian.
Alpha Omega LIFEPAC
Bob Jones University - BJU
Calvert - Highly respected homeschool curriculum from a homeschool school.
Math U See - Only for younger grades and math. New & well marketeed
Robinson - Independent religious curriculum.
Rosetta Stone
Saxon - Most known for their math - Part of Harcourt.
Singapore - New entrant. Just math. More for the gifted than average.
Story of the World
Time4Learning - Online learning system, PreK-8th.